From the Executive Director

Greetings friends, and I hope you’re all well and safe. These have been unprecedented days of challenge and travail for people all across our world, and certainly the South Bay has been affected in substantial ways as well. We stand in solidarity with those who have lost relatives and friends to the COVID-19 virus. We also stand with those on the front lines of human service – from healthcare and public safety workers to the many who each day provide needed services to our neighbors.


As of this writing, we’re all waiting for Governor Newsom’s advisory on the timing and restrictions for on-campus gatherings on the First Lutheran Church and School campus, which provides space for many of our FirstServe programs and activities.


We’ve already received advisories from the County concerning conditions for reopening school programs on the FLCS campus. Similar restrictions will need to be observed with our various program areas circling the FLCS Courtyard. To provide for the many weekday and weekend FLCS and FirstServe activities, we are reserving various rooms and spaces.


We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of FirstServe program participants. These will certainly include the wearing of face coverings for everyone while on campus, practicing frequent hand washing, using sanitizers and wiping down surfaces both before and after programs are conducted.


In the meanwhile, please stay tuned for more information on when and how we will resume on-campus activities -- as soon as it is safe to do so. Please let me know what I can do to encourage and support you in your work. And thanks to all of you for the many ways you inspire people and transform lives through the work of our organization. We are blessed to have you as partners!


With You in Hope and Service,

Bill Hurst

Executive Director

1725 Flower Avenue, Torrance, California 90503  Ÿ  Tax ID # 32-0187458

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